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The Power of Free Will and Satanic Manipulation

By Clovis Miller

For the most part, we, as Christians, or as non-Christians for that matter, don't realize how powerful our God given free will is.

There is a highly organized Satanic Government, composed of fallen angels and demonic spirits in place in the spiritual realm (Eph. 6:12). Satan is neither omniscient, nor omnipresent. He cannot be everywhere in the world at the same time as God is; therefore he entices people to sin by working through the various levels of the power structure under his control, to manipulate the free will of mankind. Control of it, is what Satan covets most, because in it he seeks to gain power over God. The narrative of Scripture, from beginning to end, makes this quite clear. The Devil and his satanic government, feed their rebellion against God, through the manipulation of our free will. If they were unable to manipulate our will, they would be powerless against humanity.

Look at how Jesus, acting not as God, but as a man, was able to thwart their power by refusing to allow His own free will to be manipulated by them. Jesus, as the Son of God, was fully apprised of the deception employed by Satan against Adam and Eve; and was therefore able to confront him from a vantage point of strength. His refusal to submit to the temptations which were presented to Him by Satan, rendered the enemy powerless. Even in death, He gained total victory over them, and set the example for us to follow (Col. 2:15). According to Thayer's Greek-Engilsh Lexicon, the word "spoiled" (#554) in the verse in Col.2, means, "wholly to strip off for one's self... despoil, disarmed:..." Jesus stripped the enemy of the power which they had wielded over the people, who according to scripture, were living their lives in fear of death because of the power Satan held over their lives (Job 2:4-6 ; Heb. 2:14-15). Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "despoil" as, "to strip of belongings, possessions, or value : pillage" Jesus effectively took the power of death away from Satan (Rev.1:18).

If there is a single phrase which describes the character of Satan and the members of his power structure, it is this: THEY ARE All DEVIOUS MANIPULATORS. The manipulation of the free will of people is a prime source from which all Satanic power is derived, strengthened and maintained. It is the food upon which they thrive.

The point at which the enemy can manipulate our free will, is the point at which we begin to lose our freedom. There is a breaking point at which casual and willful submission to sin becomes coercive. Once we cross that line, we enter into a specific bonagde under the satanic manipulators, and become, as Scripture puts it : Servants or Slaves of Sin (John 8:34 ; Rom. 6:17-20 - (Strong's Greek #1401)). As we submit our will to their prompting; through the many temptations which they bring before us, their ability to compel us to do their bidding is dramatically increased. Persons in this condition, may sincerely want to stop sinning; but have become so blinded to the truth about what has happened to themselves, that they are unable to find the way out of the situation. The Good News is; that even that person can be set free from the bondage of the enemy. It's really a matter of understanding the truth about who the enemy is, what they are trying to achieve; and also to know that such a person has every right to take back control of their own God given freewill. Making proper choices, to avoid being manipulated by the enemy, or to get free of their grip, requires discernment; and discernment comes by having a sound knowledge of the truth. The knowledge of the truth we need to defend ourselves, is found in the Word of God and delivered to us with power, by the Holy Spirit (John 14:26).

The beginning of the process of restoration is found in that we understand that the purpose of temptation, or the enticement to commit sin, is a personal attack against each and every one of us. Its purpose is straight forward: to enslave us so that our free will can be manipulated in the enemy's rebellion against God. It's obvious that from their point of view, that the most effective way to strike against God is to destroy what God loves. That would be you and me. Temptation loses its appeal when we come to the realization that its purpose is aimed at our destruction. That's the real eye opener and the key to breaking their grip on our lives! The awareness that Satan and his government are not only at war with God; but are at war with you and me as well, is a crucial component in the recovery of the freedom God has given us. Part of the mission of the Holy Spirit is to continuously remind us of this important issue, and empower us with the strength need to withstand the attacks of the enemy (Eph. 6:14-17).

God has given each of us a sense of self-preservation. Why then, are we so unaware, and seemingly unconcerned by the danger that Satan and his government poses to our well being? Is it our, "out of sight, out of mind" thinking? That's what the enemy is counting on. They are banking on the idea, that we are blind to what they are attempting to do through us; and sadly to say, most of the world is in that condition.

If we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, He will keep us safe by making us aware of the truth. A person cannot be deceived or misled, if they understand and adhere to the truth. The enemy can prevail only in as much as they can deceive us. As Jesus said, 'the truth will make you free'(John 14:16-17, 26 ; John 8:32)".


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