Main Points of This Article

God is a Spirit (John 4:24), and His Spirit is Holy (Rev.4:8).

While there is only one Holy Spirit (i.e. the Spirit of God - Gen. 1:2 ; Gen. 6:3); He expresses Himself through multiple manifestations (Ps.2:7 ; Ps.110:1 ; Joel 2:28-29), chief of which are the personal manifestations of FATHER, SON and SPIRIT of TRUTH.

Time and Truth are the original manifested attributes of God...Even before His love, holiness, goodness, mercy, etc. were made known; the absolute truth of God's existence and personhood was declared to be by His word: "I AM"...

Absolute truth came forth not only as a matter of fact, but as a living personal revelation, or expression of the Holy Spirit of God; being revealed initially by God as the Father. With that declaration, the presence of the eternal attribute of truth became evident; as a living manifestation in the realm of dynamic time...

In the declaration,"I AM", God revealed himself as the living Father, from whom simultaneously came forth: the "living WORD", and the "living TRUTH" (i.e. the revealed Triune Godhead). In the everlasting WORD we see the only begotten SON of the FATHER; and in the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH we see both the original and the everlasting witness of that fact (I John 5:7 ; John 5:37 ; John 17:17).

In the declaration, "I AM", the FATHER, the WORD (Son) and the TRUTH (the Spirit of Truth) are revealed concurrently as dynamic reality.

The Spirit of Truth is not a secondary revelation of God (although He would become the sent one who comforts); but was fully present in the revelation of the WORD, "in the beginning..." (John 1:1); at which point, time (as an eternal attribute of God) was also revealed to be an everlasting dynamic reality.

So, we may understand that, the Living FATHER spoke the Living TRUTH, which was confirmed by the simultaneously revealation of the presence of the Living WORD (the Son of God).

God is one, who expresses Himself through Fatherhood, Sonship and Truth. His personhood is here understood as being the totality of persons (three) which constitute His Holy Spirit.

Life as an eternal attribute of God, cannot be seperated from truth. It was manifested by the declaration of the absolute truth of God's existence. I AM, is the revealed explicit truth of God's existence and the presence of life in Him. It is Living Truth, of and from, the Living God.

We know that the Holy Spirit (the sent one), who indwells believers (John 14:16-18), is a unique person, primarily because Jesus identified Him as coming forth from the Father, using the "third person" pronouns: "He" and "Him".

So how do we understand the concept of the Spirit of God, as the Father, sending the Spirit of God as the "Comforter", or "helper"?... The distinction comes from how the "given" Holy Spirit is manifested to us. As the sent one, He is manifested as the "Spirit of Truth", who reproves the world (John 16:5-8) and empowers the believer (Acts 1:8).

The WORD (Son) came forth from the Father by the declaration: "I AM" (Ex. 3:13-14 ; John 1:1 ; John 8:58). The Spirit of Truth came forth unto us from the Father, by request of the Son (John 14:16). The Son testifies of the Father (Matt. 11:27); and the Spirit of Truth testifies of the Son (John 15:26).

When we speak of the "Holy Spirit" as being the third person of the Trinity, we are actually referring to the eternal attribute of truth, which is uniquely manifested by God in personal form. God expresses Himself in the form and person of Truth; and that, in a fully cognitive manner.

He that dwells in and with the Son, also dwells in and with the believer. As such, we are uniquely connected to the Son, who is able to make intercession for us, through the Spirit which dwells in Himself and in us.,/P. All attributes of God are absolute, being that constant from which our cognition can make sense of the reality of our existence. Of all of His attributes (truth, goodness, love, purity, holiness, etc); truth is the only one which distinctly comes forth from God as a cognitive expression of His person.

The eternal attribute of truth, in being personified, is transcendent; sent forth from the Father, in a unique way; entering into the world as a witness, both to the world and to believers, as to the attitude and nature of God. He reproves the deviation of all beings who set their hearts to be contrary to the will of God. ...In short, as the manifested person of absolute truth, He has come to set the record straight, as to what is, and is not correct.

The cognitive eternal attribute of truth, which we call the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, dwells among all people; but only resides in the hearts of believers who will receive Him (John 14:17).

The Spirit of Truth is come to testify to the veracity of the account which God has given of His Son; and that deliverance from sin is only possible through Him.

The mission of the Holy Spirit is not only to teach us truth to free us from the deception of sin; but to work signs and wonders through believers, that the reality of His Holy presence may be experienced.

The Holy Spirit of God has always been present in the creation; but the revelation of His presence as the Spirit of Truth, dwelling in the hearts of man has a point of beginning (first with Jesus, then the apostles and finally with all other believers - John 20:20-22 ; Acts 2:1-4).

In the WORD (John 1:1), God personified Himself as the Son. In the Holy Spirit sent unto man, God personifies Himself as TRUTH (John 15:26): God with us (Emmanuel - Matt.1:23), and God in us (John 14:17).

The power of God is in the TRUTH (John 8:32); and the Spirit of Truth is sent into the world, in personal form, being recognized, at least in Christianity, as the third person of the Godhead.