Main Points of This Article

We cannot know more about God than He will permit us to know.

Only God comprehends all truth, because TRUTH is of the very essence of who He is.

The degree to which a believer is filled by the Holy Spirit, will be manifested by the hunger they have for the truth. The Holy Spirit is "...the Spirit of Truth;..." (John 14:16-17,26); and He will reveal truth to us at the level at which we are open to receive it.

The greatest reality of all realities is, that God is real.

...the absolute essence of who God is, is: "Oneness" from which all evident qualities of His being emerge.

there exists a plurality within the oneness of God's Person.

Truth is a unique personification of God's Holy Spirit (John 14:26 ; John 15:26).

...while love, mercy, holiness, etc., are a part of who God is, they are expressions, not of co-existent personhood, but of the qualities which permeate the totality of His being.

God is simultaneously: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (just as surely as He is simultaneously, love, holiness and life).

In the same manner as it is written in Scripture: "...God is love" (I John 4:7-8); we may also conclude that God is time ("I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending..." - Rev. 1:8).

What we understand to be "the realm of time", actually encompasses two aspects of God's person: essence and revelation. In human terms, these might be likened to the difference between thought and speech: that which is known (essence), and that which is declared to be known (revelation)...With God however, knowledge exists as both divine essence and divine revelation (unexpressed and expressed reality). As thought precedes speech, so does essence precede revelation. Essence is the original form of reality. All created things existed in essence prior to becoming expressions of dynamic existence.

The woed "eternal" refers to the essece of God's person and attributes; the word "everlasting refers to the revelation of His person and attributes...God is both eternally present (having no beginning or ending); and everlastingly present by virtue of the fact, that His existence has been declared to be.

God, in His fullness, is the One and Only eternally cognizant Person.

All created things are a dynamic expression of His being. He who is without beginning or ending, declares Himself to be the beginning and ending of all else.

The revelation or perception of dynamic time, has its origin in the "essence of time", which as previously stated, is an inseperable quality or trait of God's person. Dynamic time is apparent to us only through a flow of perceptible events.

When God says, "I am holy..." (Lev. 11:44), the word "am" is used as a copula (a joining together). In this instance, God ("I") and holiness are joined, so that there is no distinction between who He is, and what He is.

Every statement made by God has been, or will be, confirmed as true in the course of dynamic time. His very Word which is revealed undeniable truth, confirmed the actuality of His divine presence. The relationship between God and His creation essentially exists as: "I AM" and You are. Emphasis is given unto the speaker as being the first one revealed; thereafter all else is revealed by Him.

When God refers to Himself only as: "I AM" (Ex. 3:14); the word "AM" is used only in the emphatic sense. God is speaking simultaneously of the totality, and the individuality, of and within His personhood.

In the absence of the declaration of His presence, there was God who existed exclusively as the eternal person and mind, in which the eternal knowledge of all unrevealed things is present. The first knowledge to be revealed was the absolute certainty of His person and presence.

God existed as the essence of time (eternally present) until, He proclaimed His existence, whereby eternal essence became everlasting revelation. The revelation of time, with the accompanying expressions of divine essence, was initiated by His declaration: "I AM".

...with the declaration of His eternal existence (I AM); His dynamic everlasting presence ("was" and "is to come") has also been established. With that declaration, the revealed institution of time future and time past, as conveyors of essential and revealed knowledge, were simulatneously initiated, or established.

...creation is still the knowledge of God being unfolded: from time future, to its fulfillment in time past.

In the absence of His declaration: "I AM", time existed solely as essence (the eternal oneness of God's presence, knowable only to Himself). From the essence of time, the power which premeates that quality of God, was exercised by Him so that time itself became dynamic (projecting all that is necessary to move all events from a state of knowledge to a state of active existence).

Everything (events) which exists in essence (i.e. everything which is yet to be revealed) exists in the future as unrevealed reality. Everything (events) which exists in revelation exists in the past as reality revealed.

The portal through which events of the future become events of the past is "I AM" (the eternal presence of God).