About Dynamic Time

"It is extremely important that we grasp the difference between the essence of time and the revelation of time. Essence precedes revelation (the future precedes the past - Isa. 46:10). In the absence of His declaration: "I AM" (reinterrated in Ex. 3:14), time existed solely as essence (the eternal oneness of God's presence, knowable only to Himself). From the essence of time, the power which premeates that quality of God, was exercised by Him so that time itself became dynamic (projecting all that is necessary to move all events from a state of knowledge to a state of active existence). Time eternal (which exists as essence) was thereby revealed to also be time everlasting (which exists in the form of continuous revelation). God is on both ends: "I am the beginning..." (sending forth); "...and the ending" (receiving back to Himself); as stated in Rev. 1:8 and Isa. 55:11."

From: Part 1: The Basics of Faith, Understanding the Person and Nature of God.