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Walking in God's Will: What He Loves and What He Hates

Jesus and the Jubilee Year
Beyond the Basics of Faith: Part 1(a) Understanding the Person and Nature of God
Beyond the Basics of Faith: Part 1(b) The Person and Nature of Jesus Christ
Beyond the Basics of Faith: Part 1(c) The Holy Spirit of God
Beyond the Basics of Faith: Part 2 The Mission of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
Beyond the Basics of Faith: Part 3 The Enemies of God and the Work They Are Doing
Beyond the Basics of Faith: Part 4 Finding Our Place in God's Plan
The Price Jesus Paid
The Three Crosses of Calvary
The Coronation of Jesus (a Poem)
Holiness in Christianity
The Crucifixion of Jesus: Good Friday or Wednesday?
The Structure of the Tribulation Period
The 2.300 Days of Daniel's Prophecy (Chapter 8)
The 1,335 Days of Daniel's Prophecy (Chapter 12)
The Feast Days of the Lord
New Jerusalem Described
Zechariah 12-14: Israel's redemption and the coming of Jesus
Prophetic Snapshots From the Bible
Revelation's Seals found in the Gospels
The Morrow After the Sabbath (the Pharisees/Sadducees Controversy)
A Chronology of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus
Will Punishment For the Wicked be Everlasting?
Another Look At Golgotha
Atonement For Sin: By the Law, or by Jesus
Can A Believer Lose Their Salvation?
The Power of Free Will and Satanic Manipulation
Israel and the New Covenant
Sin and the Seed Which It Produces
Our Righteousnesses Are As Filthy Rags

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